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sustainable fashion news roundup 8/19

There's a lot that goes on in the fashion industry every week. New collections are launched, new partnerships made, awards are awarded, yada yada yada. To me, a lot of that is fluff. It's not stuff that we really need to know about, and we don't really care about anyway. I'd much rather read about new technologies and innovations that are pushing the industry forward, issues that are in need of solutions, and what's being done to hold brands accountable for shitty practices.

Maybe to you those first topics sounded more interesting. Sorry. I would go to Fashionista or Vogue or Harper's Bazaar to read more about those. If you're more interested in the latter topics, the same ones I'm interested in reading about—read on!

Here are some of the best pieces relating to sustainability and fashion that I've read this past week:

Giant corps (like Walmart and Target) are canceling orders again because of excess stock. Could this be another #PayUp situation? | Footwear News

A water bottling company claimed its bottles are 100% recyclable. They aren't. And yet, they don't have to change their claim. What could this mean for fashion? | The Fashion Law

A new study finds that the thrill of buying a new item of clothing fades after just four wears. How sad. | Mirror UK

ThredUp has launched a hotline for Gen Zers who are addicted to shopping fast fashion. The real question: will it help? | Fashion United

We apparently have found a way to destroy PFAs. This could be huge as these chemicals are under threat of being banned pretty much everywhere. | New York Times

Gen-Z TikTokers are boycotting Amazon aiming to pressure Amazon to meet the requests of the Amazon Labor Union. | The Washington Post

"Yep, Full Transparency": A woman is sharing exactly how much it costs her brand to make clothes in the U.S.on TikTok. Maybe this will open people's eyes to the unethical practices of fast fashion. | Buzzfeed

A full run-down on why H&M is getting sued for greenwashing and what that could mean for fast fashion. | The Cut

We need better data to have a more traceable fashion industry. | Forbes

Fashion takes up all the convo about sustainability. It's jewelry's turn now. | Study Breaks

Would love to hear any of your thoughts on these pieces or links to other great pieces you've read this week in the comments below!




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