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Sustainable news roundup 2/22

Hello folks!

Long time, no talk. The Coronavirus pandemic and being in quarantine has been a very weird time for me. Last spring I had a lot of motivation to get this blog up and going again. And then I got laid off, put a lot of time and energy into getting Sophro Magazine off the ground, put a lot of energy into job applications, got a new job at a sustainability app, moved, fell into a heavy period of a mixture of depression, anxiety, and unmotivation, and then had some serious imposter syndrome which made me not want to post about anything. Needless to say 2020 was quite shitty for me. BUT I am now finally feeling re-motivated to put energy back into GWAGC.

Sustainability is my ultimate passion, and I feel like I'm finally finding my voice in this space. For a while I've felt afraid to say what I'm really thinking about things for a fear of sounding preachy, idealistic and unrealistic, and judgmental. But I've realized, I owe no one anything and I'd shouldn't self-censor my thoughts and ideas. I've spent my whole life questioning the status quo and I ain't about to stop now.

Anyways, so that's where I've been/where I'm at. And I'm glad that you've either stuck around this long for the journey or are new here and are interested in learning more about sustainability and sustainable fashion!

One of the key reasons more people aren't engaged in the sustainable fashion movement is that they truly don't know about fashion's dark side. And I'm here to shed some light on that. So to kick off posting again, I want to share some of the best pieces relating to sustainability and fashion that I've read this past week!

Is denim as dirty as the industry wants you to believe?? | Kingpins

Does the U.S. need a Fashion Czar to regulate the fashion industry? | GQ

Athleisure sales are booming. But garment workers are bearing the brunt. | Vox

Gen Z is making it cool to thrift again. But fast fashion is still booming. | Dazed

Fashion has a packaging problem. These start-ups have the solution. | Business of Fashion (subscription needed)

As brands increasingly go digital, they're losing their human touch. | WWD

Only 7 percent of board members are “climate competent.” Here's what it could mean for their business. | Financial Times

So fashion trends might be going out of trend... | Harper's Bazaar

So, Germany might enact a global labor law. What that means for the supply chain. | New Age

Would love to hear any of your thoughts on these pieces or links to other great pieces you've read this week in the comments below!

I plan on making this a recurring post on this blog. Ideally, I'd like to post a roundup once a week at most or once a month at least. Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see me talk more about!




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