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Ever since the first episode of Project Runway and my first issue of Teen Vogue that I got in 7th grade, I knew that I wanted to work in fashion. I got a degree from Syracuse University in journalism with a concentration in fashion and beauty communications hoping to end up at one of the magazines I'd grown up reading. 

But a few years after graduating, I discovered fashion's dark side: pollution, exploitation, excess product, and unbound waste - there was nothing glamorous about that and the frivolity of fashion magazines lost their allure.


While trying to navigate working in marketing in the fashion industry and aligning myself with companies that prioritized sustainability, I began posting about the pitfalls of fashion brands and what we could do to change that. Over time, the Girl with a Green Closet emerged.


In a world of fashion bloggers and influencers galore, I hope to add a new perspective: one that keeps nuance and hard questions as the core of the conversation. I am the queen of shopping vintage and thrift (in fact, almost 70% of my closet is pre-owned). And sustainability is my passion. I hope you come to my site with questions, and leave in search for even more answers.




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