Ever since the first episode of Project Runway and my first issue of Teen Vogue that I got in 7th grade, I knew that the fashion world was where belonged. I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH and went to Catholic school, so my fashion back then consisted of Sperrys and my school uniform.  


Thankfully, I got an east coast education in all things fashion and journalism at Syracuse University and traded my Sperrys for combat boots. Now I'm living in NYC trying to make it in the big bad world of the fashion media industry.  


In a world of fashion bloggers and influencers galore, I hope to add a new perspective. I've got an eclectic taste in fashion--sometimes I feel like a boho princess with florals and flowy fabrics and other times I feel rocker chic with distressed denim and a leather jacket. I am the queen of shopping vintage and thrift (in fact, almost 70% of my closet is pre-owned). And sustainability is my passion. But one thing always remains true to me: when in doubt, wear black.