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Sustainable news roundup 3/22

Hello friends!

Ok, so I did pretty good. Because I promised another sustainable fashion news roundup either every week or every month, and I'm hitting the every month thing on the dot.

Now, I was visiting some of my boyfriend's family for the past week. So I would have done it earlier, butttttttt actually being present with his family and spending quality time with them was more important.

Plus I took a pretty major break from screens for a few days. I didn't open my computer for 3 days in a row, and my phone screen time went down 65% last week. Which both honestly made me feel really good.

I think more people need to take breaks from their phones and whatever screens they own more often. A few months ago, I did Offline 48 for a few weeks. And I think I want to start doing that again. I seriously even considered just taking a longer break or stopping posting for GWAGC (at least on IG) altogether. But I have so many ideas in my head and I've actually had some growth recently, so I'm going to continue.

Alright. Enough about me. I know you're really here to read about what important things have been happening in the world of sustainable fashion. Here are some of the best pieces relating to sustainability and fashion that I've read this past week!

Is a Fashion Czar enough to fix the fashion industry? | Ecocult

A garment factory fire killed 20 people in Egypt. | Fashion Network

Female garment workers at an H&M supplier in India allege widespread sexual violence. | The Guardian

A century later, garment workers in the U.S. face the same conditions that sparked International Women's Day. | Harper's Bazaar

Brands are adopting regenerative agriculture. Is that a good thing? | Vogue Business

Is Klarna, the buy-now pay-later app, digging us deeper into personal debt? | Tribune

Reformation partnered with FibreTrace to release a denim collection that is fully traceable from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. | WWD

Greenpeace released a report slamming the Forest Stewardship Council and other forestry certification schemes of "greenwashing" the destruction of ecosystems. | Greenpeace

Garment manufacturers are working together across factory lines to come up with solutions for better treatment from brands. | Vogue Business

Business of Fashion released a new report, The BoF Sustainability Index, which finds 15 of the industry’s biggest fashion companies falling short of their ambitious environmental and social goals. | Business of Fashion

Circular economy models reduce costs and boost sales for major fashion brands. | Edie

Could plastic bags be recycled into fabric to fight pollution? | BBC

Would love to hear any of your thoughts on these pieces or links to other great pieces you've read this week in the comments below!




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