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For some reason, in winter I never feel like experimenting with my beauty looks. Maybe it’s because my room is really cold in the morning and I just want to get ready without freezing my ass off or maybe I just get lazy and don’t feel like being creative. I don’t know. But usually during the winter I wear the same eye makeup and lip color (if any lip color at all) every. single. day.

And then once spring comes around, it’s like WOOOSH, I get all this creative inspiration in my head and I want to experiment with matching my eye shadow to my lipstick or doing really bold lip colors. Are any of you guys the same way?

So now that it’s spring, and finalllllllyyyyyyyy getting warm outside (except for today, today is freezing), I am starting to really want to wear a bunch of lip colors that POP! I’m talking bright reds and pinks, deep plums, and even some super shiny lip gloss. How about you? What lip colors are you feeling for spring?

I have quite a few lip colors in my arsenal. Part of that is because I love a good liquid lipstick (and if I see a color I like on sale/for cheap you know I’m gonna buy it) and part is because my dad works for P&G (hey dad!), and sometimes he would bring home samples from Covergirl. I definitely have too many lip colors, and don’t wear them all, but I ain’t complaining. Keep reading for my faves in my lip color arsenal that I can’t wait to start wearing!


There’s a reason why everyone loves MAC, and that reason is because they’re stuff is such good quality. I came upon this lipstick because I had a friend who was visiting and accidentally left this lipstick behind, and I’ve been wearing it all the time ever since (sorry, not sorry). This is a kind of rust colored nude that definitely has some burn orange undertones to it and is slightly darker than a nude I’d wear everyday. But what makes this lipstick a real winner is how soft and smooth the formula is. It goes on like perfection, and while it doesn’t last all day, the fade that it gives your lips when it does start to wear off is also perfection.

Jacky & Lauren Matte Lip Gloss in shade ??, Not sold anywhere anymore

So this is a nude color that I wear a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I got this set of liquid lipsticks from T.J. Maxx forever ago, and out of all of them I only really like one color. They don’t have shades on them so I couldn’t tell you which color it is and this brand isn’t sold anywhere anymore, so once I run out I’ll be sad. It’s a nice everyday nude that is definitely more brown based than peach based, which is what I prefer since I have olive undertones in my skin. The only thing I don’t like about this lip color is that the formula is quite sticky and it takes a while to dry. But the color last quite long and fades nicely.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE NUDE LIPCOLOR IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I had been trying to find a new nude lipstick after my fave one ran out and was discontinued :’( (bareMinerals lipstick in Cream Puff), and I tried on every nude lipstick you could imagine. EVERY one. And then I stumbled upon this color and it was like the lipstick gods called down to me. This nude isn’t too light or dark, the formula is amazing and doesn’t dry out your lips, and it LASTS FOREVER. I hardly ever have to reapply it. It’s perfect for everyday wear to work or brunch and for going out at night. Get you a nude color that can do both (aka THIS one).


I wear this lip gloss when I’m #feelinmyself. I’ve never been a huge glitter person (maybe when I was 5, but not now), BUT this gloss has a subtle shimmer to it that is so freaking stunning. I put it on and I’m like BRING ON THE SHIMMER. What I love about this gloss is that it comes in stick form, so you apply like chapstick/lipstick. And this gloss glides on like butter (*buttah*). Unlike most glosses, it doesn’t make my lips feel sticky and this gloss is soooo hydrating, so when it wears off I don’t feel like I have to apply chapstick. The color is also AMAZING—it’s a sheer brown color so it kind of is like a nude gloss and then has the subtle gold shimmer that I mentioned before. #lipglossgoals

So, whenever I wanted to wear a read lip, I used to always wear red lipstick. Exclusively. But then lip stains were all the rage last year, and I got hooked. I love giving my lips the stained “just kissed” look, and I love creating an ombré effect so the innermost part of my lips is darker than the outsides. This lip stain is great because it’s really easy create that ombré effect or do a nice even stain all over, lasts for quite a while (but with almost all lip stains they do fade and you will have to reapply throughout the day), and I like the smell of it. The color says red orange wash, and in reality it is a vibrant scarlet color.


So Maybelline created a line of red lipsticks that are supposed to look good with any skin tone and color. I got this one because of how vibrant the red was—I prefer bold, bright reds to darker-toned ones. And I am so impressed with this lipstick, especially because it’s from a drugstore brand. The color is SO pigmented, it glides on so smoothly, doesn’t dry out my lips, and is so long lasting. It does come off a bit when eating/drinking, so you do have to be careful with it, but that’s because it’s a stick lipstick so that’s gonna happen regardless. If they make this into a liquid lip, I’ll buy out their whole stock.


Ok, so this lip color isn’t super dramatic; it’s more of a subtle drama. It’s a dusty rose color that I would consider to be a darker lip color, but not a DARK lip color, if you know what I mean. It goes great with all skin tones (both me and my roommate wear it and she has more pink tones in her skin and I have olive), lasts throughout the day (maybe will have to reapply once), and doesn’t make my lips feel dry at all. If you haven’t shopped at e.l.f. before, I would highly recommend it. I think they’re one of the better drugstore brands. Their stuff is mad cheap, is great quality for how much you’re spending (and just in general), and is cruelty-free. SCORE.

This lip color is a very bold choice for me. If you know me well, you know I don’t like to wear pink that often (in clothes and makeup). And if I do, it’s usually like a rose color. But I’d been seeing people on Insta wearing bold fuchsia lipstick and something compelled me to buy this one. I regularly shop at e.l.f., so when I saw that they had this color, I decided it was worth a try. I absolutely love how vibrant the color it is—it is a true bright ass pink that POPS. Like I mentioned above, the color is long-lasting, doesn’t dry out my lips, and goes on super easily.

This is a dark lipstick that will fulfill anyone’s goth/vampy dreams. I got this last year because they were having a sale on Girlactik because thy weren’t going to be carried in Duane Reade anymore and went with my friend who swore by their lip colors. I decided I had to many nude colors, and wanted to try something bold. I had to try out each color, but ultimately this one really stuck out to me. It’s a very dark plum color, but itsn’t too purpley, which I think is hard to find in a plum color. The formula in this is to DIE FOR. Definitely has one of the best formulas of any liquid lip I’ve ever put onto my lips before. I do have to say that sometimes it gets a little flakey in my inner lip, but that usually only happens if I forget to put some chapstick on beforehand.

So, what kind of lip colors are your favorite? Are you a nude girl? Solid red? All the dark colors? No lipstick at all? Let me know in the comments below! ‘Til next time!




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