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So lately I've been obsessed with aromas and fragrances. I have 3 different candles that all smell completely different in both my room and my living room and I love lighting them all at the same time, so that the scents are all layered and then my apartment will have a super unique smell. And I'e also been doing the same thing with my perfumes. I've been layering them and really trying to find the scents that I find fit my personality really, really well. Buh bye smelly lotions from Bath & Body Works (#tbt to junior high). I'm not a floral person at all, so I don't wear floral perfumes (although I do like a good rose scent, but that's about it). I love musky and spicy scents (I think it's because I have a fiery, sarcastic personality), so those are the ones that I really stick to. 

But to step outside my comfort zone, I went on a little trip to Sephora and tested out some fancy shmancy fragrances that weren't all musky scents (yes I tried flowery scents too, *gasp*). Down below I've listed which ones were my favorite for each category. Let me know in the comments which one you like the best and which scents you typically stick to.




Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette

Notes: Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

This is literally my favorite perfume in the whole entire world (literally smells like HEAVEN). I've been using this perfume since I was 18 or so and this will always be my signature scent. My favorite fragrances are the musky ones. And this one is musky. It smells a little bit like men's cologne (YUM), but it's a light enough scent that it's also feminine. Also it has notes of vanilla in it and vanilla is my favorite scent (I mean my FAVORITE). It is a scent that makes you smell pretty, and feel pretty. I literally wear this to work, out on the weekends, to the grocery store, you name it. This is definitely for those who like musky scents, but don't want to wear something that's too overwhelming. 

Get it here


Marc Jacobs Decadence 

Notes: Italian Plum, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Liquid Amber

So this is pretty much only one of the floral perfumes that I am actually willing to wear. And that's because even though it's floral, it's a darker floral scent, which I'm all about. The name really fits this perfume because it is a very indulgent, luxurious scent - hence the name decadence. The rose and jasmine are what makes this scent very floral (and those are about the only two floral scents that I like, which in nice), but the amber is what darkens the perfume and what makes me really like it. I also smell a little bit of vanilla in this one too (again, probably why I like it). Bonus: it looks like a purse (and I love my purses - you can never have too many). 

Get it here


Calvin Klein ck one

Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Fresh Pineapple, Papaya, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Nutmeg, Musk

This is another one of my favorite perfumes. This one is also sort of musky, but its still very fresh. The pineapple, jasmine, bergamot, and musk are the notes that really stand out the most. This, I would say is a little bit of a stronger scent, but since it's so fresh it's not too overpowering. I think the scent is a light scent, but strong. It's very clean and reminds me of the ocean for some reason. 

Get it here

Warm & Spicy 

NEST Indigo

Notes: Moroccan Tea, Kashmir Wood, Cardamom, Wild Fig

So this is actually another unisex scent (I think that's a huge thing in the fragrance market right now). The tea is the first note that you notice when you smell this scent. I drink a lot of tea, and when you put it on, it smells like you've just made a steaming cup. It's a very warm and cozy scent, and very different than any other fragrance that I've had. The fig doesn't really stand out in this fragrance, but it's definitely a spicy, dainty wood scent that's light enough for summer. 

Get it here

Earthy & Woody

Jo Malone London Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne

Notes: Cumin, Juniper, Black Cedarwood

The one word that really describes this fragrance is spicy. It's a very dark, spicy woody scent, but it's also balanced with it's freshness. This fragrance feels very exotic, so every time I wear it, I feel like I should be traveling to a far-off place like Thailand or Indonesia. It also reminds me of the smells after a midnight rain, since there are some aquatic hints to it. If you like darker, woodier scents, this is definitely for you - it definitely makes you feel very mysterious and sexy. 

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