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Soooo today marks the first day of spring! Hip Hip HOOOORAY! And even though the weather is still pretty chilly, here in NYC we’ve been having lots of sunshine, which has kind of made it feel like spring has been on it’s way. Kind of. And last weekend we did have really nice weather, so if that could just come back that would be great.

Spring for me is all about fresh starts. I switch over my closet and get rid of items that never saw the light all winter (literally), giving my closet a fresh start.  I spend more time outdoors at the park or by the river, giving my body and mind a fresh start. And for me,  it’s really when I start doing more passion projects, like redecorating my room, painting, getting back into writing, etc. 

And the color for me that represents a fresh start is white. Which is why I’m posting today’s ALL WHITE look. 

THE DETAILS: Dress // Urban Outfitters, similar here / / Jacket // Steve Madden, similar here / /

Sneakers // Dr. Scholl's / / Purse // Vintage, similar here

This look really started with me finding a cute white button-down dress on sale at Urban Outfitters (this is becoming a recurring theme because I found the belt in my last post on sale at Urban too lol). I’m obsessed with anything that’s button down and denim and I always gravitate towards white things, so it was just meant to be in my closet. I’d worn it before with a black turtleneck and tights with boots, but knew that look didn’t really say “spring.”  And so because I’m the queen of turtlenecks, I just thought, “Why not do a white turtleneck and just make this look all white?”



I’m such a huge fan of all-white looks because I love how clean and crisp they look (and bc in summer they make that tan look NICE). And wish I had more white dresses and pants in my closet, BUT the only reason I don’t is because I know it’s gonna be hard to keep them clean. Although, I have been a lot better lately about not spilling things on myself lol. 

So while the dress is the part of this look that catches your eye, the real star of the show are the sneakers. Lemmmmme tell you about them. I was gifted these shoes during my time as an editor, but I was always excited to get gifts from them because they are SO DARN COMFORTABLE. Like you literally feel like you’re walking on clouds. I have 2 pairs of sneakers and one pair of sandals from them and I literally wear them as much as I possibly can. And because you know white sneakers are in right now that means ALL THE TIME. I’ve had friends try them on and want to steal them from me, and I’m like no way Jose, get your own pairs. 


Ok, so now for the elephant in the room. Yes, I know this jacket isn’t white. I just really needed a jacket bc it was like 30 degrees out when we shot this look and I didn’t have a white jacket (although I did end up buying this one after this shoot). I really wanted to keep the look neutral and my roommate had this super cozy tan teddy jacket. And it’s like it was just meant to go with the outfit. 

Ok, and last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of this outfit: the basket bag. I scored this baby at a flea market for $5. Yup, you read that right. I spotted it on a table from far away and immediately ran over to buy it. It did have a little gunk on it, but the outside is made of plastic, so a quick wipe down made it as good as new. It’s one of my favorite bags that I own, and I doubt that I will ever get rid of it. It’s not super practical and I really want to get a gold chain for it to make it a crossbody so I don’t have to carry it by the handle every time, but it’s just so pretty.



Sooooooo, do you guys like this all-white look? Which piece is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!  Until next time!




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