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If you want to add some volume to your wardrobe look no further. That's what today's look is all about. I've got on a nice crisp blouse with puffy sleeves and a ruffle maxi skirt that definitely does not hang (you could probably hide a small child underneath this skirt if you wanted to because there is enough volume, although I don't know why you'd want to do that). So, just remember: puff sleeves + ruffles = all the volume you could ever need/want in an outfit.

Anyway, today's look is one of my recent favorites because I love both this top and this skirt, and together I think it just makes a very chic look (albeit I am very covered up in this look, but for the wintertime that's totally ok. If I showed any skin it would freeze off).

A crisp white shirt is one thing that I think everyone should have in their closet. I know I have like three or four (possibly even more, I have a problem guys) white button down-style shirts in my closet. They really do go with everything and they can polish up any look in seconds. I knew I was going to buy this white blouse as soon as I saw it. First, because it was a nice white shirt. Second, because I love the higher neck on this (it literally took me a solid 5 or 6 tries to button it closed, but now I have it down). Third, because I love the balloon sleeve. I'm a huge fan of fancy sleeves, and these sleeves are fancy without being too much. They balloon out, but not too much, and then they come back together in the perfect size cuff. 

Ok,  so now let's talk about this skirt. As soon as I saw this skirt I knew I needed to have it as well. And I happened to find both on sale at Anthropologie at the same exact time and I literally tried this outfit on in the fitting room and knew had to buy it #noregrets. And I must say I’m super happy I bought this skirt. It's heavy enough that I can wear it in the winter (aka like 40 degrees and up) and my legs won't freeze off, but it's definitely light enough that I’ll still be able to wear it in the spring and possibly the summer. I'm not usually a huge print person unless it's a stripe or a polka dot or something, but this one really spoke to me for some reason. And I loooooove this burgundy color. 

Ok, and now we're gonna talk about the shoes. I've shared these shoes before, and they're one of my fave pairs that I own. I am such a huuuuuge pointy toe shoe fan, so these make the way to the top of my list. Plus I love the studs and the metal toes on these. Also, white shoes are super in right now. If you don't already have a pair of white pointy shoes, I highly suggest getting some now before they're sold out everywhere. 

So, what do you guys think? Too covered? Chic enough for you? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time!



blouse // maeve, similar here and here

skirt // mynah's reynu taandon, similar here

shoes // asos, similar here


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