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If you aren't already singing The Neighbourhood song by the same name in your head right now, you should be (and you should go play it while reading this post right now). The weather this weekend was absolutely glorious, and not sweater weather. But that kind of weather is going to be arriving pretty much tomorrow and it looks like it will be sticking around. 

Anyway, this look is pretty simple because it's just a sweater paired with jeans and some flats. But they're not just the typical sweater, jeans, and flats.

This sweater is great because it has quite a simple, boxy silhouette in the body and then it has these graceful wide sleeves that made it seem very mod. And the oatmeal color is rather muted, but not boring. And it is a cropped sweater, so it really should be worn with high-waisted pants. I would also definitely wear this with a pair of high-waisted ripped black jeans.

Up next, the jeans.  I am absolutely obsessed with these jeans because they literally fit me like a glove. These are Levi's Wedgie Fit Jeans (ok, ok I know the name sounds ridiculous and like they would be totally uncomfortable, but I promise that they are fucking amazing) and they're the perfect fit because they are straight leg, but they give you a waist and make your butt look great. 

And lastly, I love these shoes because I love pointy toes and white shoes and studs and these have all three. Not gonna lie, it's so hard to keep them clean and they do have scrapes on them, but they're super cute, so it's worth it. 

Are you guys as excited for sweater weather as I am? 



Jeans // Levi's

Sweater // Zara (this is similar)

Necklace // Le Primitive (located at Market NYC) 

Shoes // ASOS (these are similar)


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