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Happy hump day y'all! Hope you've been having a great week so far. Idk bout you but I'm so excited about this long weekend coming up! I'll be on an Airbnb on a boat in Jersey all weekend. Let me know what you'll be up to!

So my favorite part about today's look is the sunflower because I randomly found it in a Pret a Manger that I had to go into to use the bathroom to change into this look. Legit no joke. I love sunflowers, so once I saw it and I knew that it was just randomly left on the table, I knew I just had to use it in my shoot. It lasted for like almost two weeks after my shoot which was so shocking. I usually kill plants super easily, so I was surprised it just wasn't dying.

Anyway, moving on to the actual outfit, I found these pants at a Salvation Army while I was home, and as soon as I saw them I was like I NEED THOOOOOOOOOOOOSE. And then I tried them on and they fit perfectly and I literally felt #blessed. These pants are kind of sheer, so I have to wear something underneath. Because it's still hot out I just put on a pair of opaque tights, but in the winter I could easily wear a pair of leggings on underneath these and still be warm. So I can actually wear these year round WOOOOOT!

I decided to just pair it with a simple tank top (that I actually got at the same Salvation Army I think 3 years ago, can't remember how long TBH). It was kind of wrinkly but I didn't have time to iron it in the morning, soooo sorryyyyyy. I've decided I think I'm going to start simplifying my looks, like wearing a wow pair of pants with a basic white tee or a tank or a wow top with simple black pants. I've just been so uninspired with my closet lately, so I think going back to basics might help me reappreciate what clothes I actually have. Will keep you updated on how that goes.

For accessories I just put on these super cute tan shoes that I got on clearance from Burlington (the one in Union Square has an amazing selection, y'all should check it outttttt).

They're pretty comfy for how high of a heel they are (and I never wear heels, so if I'm saying this, you know they're pretty good). And lastly I put on this super cute necklace that mirrored the same silhouette of the V-neck exactly. It was the perfect little golden touch to the look.

Let me know what some of your guys' fave trends are for this fall. I need some new trends to try out and to get inspired with fashion! Til next time!



Tank // Vintage (this is similar)

Pants // Vintage (these are similar)

Shoes // MIA (these are similar)

Necklace // Claire's

Purse // Nine West


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