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So fashion month is almost over. And after a season of amazing runway shows that brought in fresh and exciting ideas, we're now looking at what the biggest trends were that will shape what's in our closets for the rest of the year (or at least the season, until more runway shows dictate more trends in September).This season there were A LOT of trends all over the runways, ranging from the subtle (pretty ruffles and pleats) to the extravagant (like bright rainbow looks and Edwardian high ruffled collars).  Some trends are easier to incorporate into your wardrobes that others, but ultimately it's all up to personal style and how daring you want to be with your fashion choices. 

As someone who tends to go for a more minimalistic approach (and I definitely favor function/comfort), my favorite trends from fashion week clearly exemplify that.  So keep reading for my 5 favorite trends to come from fashion week/month and how you can implement them into your closet. 


Leather is always a staple on the runway, but this season designers put models in it from head to toe. And I AM HERE FOR IT. An all-over leather look gives off an edgy vibe, but also creates very cleans lines due to the structure of the material. Colored leather was also big, so if you're more into pretty & bold colors than The Matrix-style all-black leather looks, you'll be covered. I personally am such a huge fan of leather (you guys honestly have no idea). I own 3 leather jackets, love my leather boots (really they're pleather tho let's be real here), and love how edgy/chic leather looks. I've always tended to dress on the edgy side, and so leather pieces have always been staples for me. Plus, leather is a very durable fabric, so investing in good leather pieces means they're going to last for a long time. And they are so easy to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. 

L to R: Zimmermann, Proenza Schouler, Sies Marjan (All photos courtesy of

HOW TO WEAR IT: Leather/pleather pants are HUGE right now, as are leather skirts (of various lengths, too). Try pairing them with a nice structured leather jacket in the same color for a streamlined look. If dressing in one shade isn't your thing, try contrasting white and black leather or pick pieces in the same color family. Leather dresses can get a little stuffy, but when cut right, it's worth it. 



Always a go-to style on the runway, this season monochromatic dressing was more prominent than ever. And this season designers did it in bolder hues than seasons past. What also made this trend seem fresher was the use of more luxurious fabrics and lots of tailored silhouettes. Overall monochrome looks seemed more sophisticated and super swoon-worthy. I love monochromatic dressing because it's probably one of the easiest trends to implement in your wardrobe. And I love how clean it can make any outfit look. Usually I already do monochromatic dressing, but that's only because I'm usually dressed in all black. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone this season and implement more colors (which will probably end up being tans and maybe that rust red color).

L to R: Jonathan Simkhai, Sally LaPointe, Oscar de la Renta (All photos courtesy of

HOW TO WEAR IT: Layers, layers, layers. Find pieces that are all in the same color or similar shades of the same color, and layer them up. Since everything will be the same/similar color, don't be afraid to play with proportions, fabrics, and textures. The differences in fabrics and textures will help break up the look and make sure you don't just look like a blob of color. Don't forget to match accessories as well! 



The use of real fur is quickly going out of style, but wearing prints inspired by animals is still all the rage. This has been a trend for a while now, but animal prints definitely aren't going away any time soon.  This season animal prints were all over the runways and were also quite a hit on the streets as well. On the runways they were taken to the next level by coming out in brighter colors. On the streets, they made appearances in the form of printed skirts and there were LOTS of snakeskin boots/booties. Last season I wasn't keen on the animal print trend, but this season I'm warming up to it. For me animal print is just a little too cheesy (for lack of a better word), so if I'm going to wear it it would need to be in black and white tones or as a very understated skirt (which has become very popular this season, thankfully).

L to R: Sally LaPointe, Ulla Johnson, Proenza Schouler (All photos courtesy of

HOW TO WEAR IT: This all depends on how much you want to take a walk on the wild side. If you're feeling more bold, go for a full maxi dress in the print and pair it with simple accessories. You can even try mixing different prints in a similar color scheme. If that's a bit much for you, pick one animal print piece (I suggest either a skirt or blouse) and pair it with something solid (like the purple look above). Again, keep accessories minimal (let the print do the talking).



Hiking/outdoorsy vibes were big this season on the runways. And a classic textile for hikers is fleece. In various silhouettes and cuts, the fabric can go from edgy to sporty to super luxe, and the various designers who used this fabric have very different aesthetics, showing the variability and versatility of fleece. The fleece that is popping up in jackets and sweatshirts is more textured than fleece has in the past, in part due to the fact that all things teddy are big this season. As a figure skater, I've been wearing fleece since I was a tyke. I get cold pretty easily already and so fleece was one of the few fabrics that they would make jackets with and I would actually stay warm in. I'm a huge fan of the white fleece (of course), and love the texture that it can give a look. 

L to R: Sandy Liang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Coach (All photos courtesy of

HOW TO WEAR IT: This is a trend that pretty much sticks to jackets and coats, and sweatshirts too! Thankfully they appear in a variety of colors, both muted and more vibrant, so be sure to pick one that fits in with your aesthetic. Because they come in a variety of styles too, you can definitely fits in with the rest of your closet. 



Pleats have been around in fashion since god knows when... They went out of style for a little while, but they've made a resurgence the past few seasons as ladylike dressing has made it's return. This season designers brought back the timeless trend with some twists -- asymmetrical hemlines, sheer fabrics, and lace accents within the pleats. I love pleats because they're an easy way to give your outfit some texture and volume. And depending on what you pair them with, they can be anything from proper and pretty to tailored and sophisticated (and even a little edgy if done in leather).

L to R: Tory Burch, Dion Lee, Ralph Lauren (All photos courtesy of

HOW TO WEAR IT: A pleated midi skirt is a wardrobe staple in my opinion. If you don't have one yet, buy one now. They come in so many fabrics (from leather to tulle) and colors, you will find one that fits your style. Since the 90s aesthetic is also super popular right now, a plaid pleated skirt is also a great idea. If skirts aren't your thing, micro pleated blouses will give you some volume up top.


So what trend is your favorite? Which ones do you want to try? Were there any trends you're really excited about that I didn't include? Let me know in the comments! Til next time!




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