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Pretty sure I've already used this pun for gingham before, but it was just too good not to use it again. If you haven't realized yet, I absolutely love puns. Like, dad jokes and cheesy puns are the things that will probably make me laugh the hardest. No joke. Comment your best dad joke/pun if you dare :)

Anyway, the whole idea for this look came about because I bought this top (because I'm OBSESSED with gingham and knew I had to have this top when I saw it, not to mention it was also on sale) and my roommate had these pants. And we were joking that I should totally wear the two together. And at first I was worried about looking like a walking table cloth, but then I put it on and I thought these were meant to be worn together! Throughout the day I would catch a glimpse of my outfit in a window reflection and think that I looked about the table cloth again, but I'm all about bold looks, so I ignored my thoughts cause I knew I looked fab. Plus a lot of people thought it was a jumpsuit, so it was like they were meant to go together.

So this top has two layers - it has a corset-like inside with a flowy overlay. And in the back there's a slit in the flowy fabric. Party in the front, AND party in the back. Woot! You can easily wear this top tucked in, like I did, or you could wear it untucked with a pair of skinny jeans too. BONUS: it's on sale! Scroll to the bottom and click on the link if you want it in your closet.

Now, the pants. These are great because they're a cropped wide-leg, which are my favorite kind of pants for summer (especially when they're a thinner fabric, so I feel like my legs can actually breath). These ones also have a tie belt for the waist, which is such a cute detail and it gives a nice cinch to the waist. Together, these two pieces make THE ULTIMATE GINGHAM OUTFIT.

Dressing head to toe in one pattern can be kind of daunting, but if you wear it with confidence and just go for the gusto, YOU CAN DO IT!



Top // Francesca's (this is similar)

Pants // Zara (these are similar)

Shoes // Nina

Chokers // Claire's


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