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Hey guys! I hope that you're having a good Monday so far. Not gonna lie, mine has been a bit rough. It was a struggle getting up for the gym this morning (literally just wanted to hit the snooze button), but I did end up going and it felt really good, but it's wiped me out the whole day. I've been struggling to keep my eyes open all day, and I can't drink coffee #thestruggleisreallllll

Anyway, so today's look is a fun, casual look that's great for spring (whenever that decides to come lol). It's a different take on a t-shirt and jeans cause 1) they aren't basic jeans and 2) it's not just a plain white tee and 3) the earrings and red lip elevate it a little bit.

So I’m pretty sure that I found these black wide leg jeans/gauchos (whatever you want to call them) at Housing Works several months ago. They're originally from GAP and they’re probably some of the stretchiest, comfiest jeans I own. And what's also great about them is once you wear them in they don't sag like a lot of other jeans do. These are really good at holding their shape. And what I love about wide leg jeans is that I feel like you can dress them up for work (which i've often done with nice blouses and booties or heels) and you can play them down for the weekend (like here). 

So I love this basic tee because I love stripes, but it's also a fancier tee than just a plain white tee. Don't get me wrong, I love my plain white tees (I think I own 3 or 4 of them), but this is a good way to stick to a basic tee, but make your outfit a tad more interesting. This tee is from H&M and I’m super surprised at how soft it is. Cause i've never thought H&M had the softest tees, but this one gets an A+.

Everyone should own a pair of white sneakers. Enough said.

I’m not usually a huge dangly earring person, I tend to stick to studs and small hoops and never take them out for 6 months, but when I saw these at Buffalo Exchange I just new I had to have them. I really liked the upside-down crescent top and the simple chains. I was worried about how heavy they were going to be on my ears, but they're surprisingly light. I like that they add a little pop to my ears but they're also simple and not too in-your-face. 

And finally, we have this stellar rust red jacket. It's actually my roommate's, but it's an amazing color isn't it? With the simple black and white of the whole look, I thought it needed just a little pop of color. I actually did the red lip first and could have put it with a more neutral jacket, but I liked even more of the color (shocker actually) and I liked that the two reds didn't actually match. #edgy

So what do you guys think of the look? Would you wear this to go out and run errands?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.



tee // h&m

pants // gap, similar here

shoes // tj maxx, similar here

jacket // tj maxx, similar here

earrings // vintage, similar here


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