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Not really though.

I’m only saying that because I’m wearing camo. And I literally never thought that I would ever actually wear camo, but here we are. It’s not that I don’t like camo, it’s just one of those things that I think is meh and I don’t ever really feel compelled to wear, you know?

Anyway, my roommate told me to wear this camo shirt for a shoot and I have to say that I’m digging it a lot more now that I’ve been staring at my pictures for a while. I mean the shirt is really cute in general (cause it’s basically just a basic tee and it has really flowy sleeves that makes it kind of interesting), so that’s also a bonus. I've been seeing camo print everywhere too. I swear everyone has at least one piece (and I've been seeing shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, bandanas, you name it).

I decided to pair it with this vintage black denim skirt that I just got two weeks ago from Housing Works (one of my fave thrift store places I go to). I thought that the distressed hem and the darkness of the camo print would go really well together and just overall make me look kind of edgy. Did it work?

For accessories, I just decided to slip on my favorite shoes that I swear I wear everyday of my life (I’m just waiting for the leather ties to rip or to wear through the soles one day). The real accessory I wanted to show off here were the hoops. I just got these last week from Francesca’s (because they were having a sale and you can never have too many earrings, you feel?). I really liked these ones cause I’m obsessed with hoops right now, but I didn’t want to get just another circular pair. And so cause these ones weren’t circular I thought it made them pretty unique. V cool.

So, if you’re like me and don’t want to wear camo, but want that army/grungy look, try combat boots (Doc Martins are life), army jackets (think large olive green ones), anything with a lot of pockets, cargo pants (JOKING, don’t EVER BUY CARGO PANTS), or stuff that’s olive green in general.



Top // Zara (similar one here)

Skirt // Vintage (similar one here)

Shoes // Nina

Earrings // Francesca's


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