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For our upcoming March issue, the magazine I work at is doing a Women's Issue dedicated to celebrating females in the fashion industry. One of the spreads I happen to be working on is the influence of menswear on women's wear. And that got me very inspired for this shoot. 

I've always been a huge fan of menswear-inspired pieces. White button-downs are a staple for literally any closet (male or female), and I usually have three or four variations in my closet at any time (not to mention a few button downs in other colors, too). I'm also a huge fan of tailored pants. I have rather muscular legs from my time as a figure skater, and I find that high-waisted tailored trousers make my legs look longer and give me a streamlined look, which is hard to do (as someone under 5'5", it's almost impossible to make my legs look long).

I'm also prone to shopping in the men's department when I go thrift shopping. Oversized button-downs and blazers are some of my usual finds in that section (and flannels because men's flannels are always better, I'm convinced).

For this look though, both pieces were found in the women's section, but do have a certain menswear vibe to them.  This white shirt has a lot of structure to it, which gives it a masculine edge. But then the off shoulder detail gives it a feminine detail and styling it by tying at the waist also gives it a feminine touch (cause you can see my currrrrvveeeesss). I've always been convinced that just showing the shoulder blade is enough to add femininity to any look, and I have to say I can see that with this one. 

Even though these aren't tailored trousers, the stripes definitely give off a masculine vibe (and they make my legs look long too, woooooop). I love wide leg pants because they're equally masculine and feminine and they're so freaking comfortable. Ya feel?

And to finish this look, I slipped on some loafer mules, another piece that definitely takes a nod to menswear. Loafers have always been a huge part of men's wardrobes. And the update of mule loafers that was huge last year, really made a splash in women's footwear.

Let me know your thoughts on menswear inspired women's wear. Do you like it? Not like it? Until next time!



top // H&M (This and this are similar)

pants // H&M (These and these are similar) shoes // Just Fab


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