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Happy Monday y'all! This past weekend was one of the few weekends where it actually felt kind of long, as opposed to almost every other weekend, which just seem to fly by. Did any of you guys do anything special?

I'm super excited about today's look because I think if I had to choose an outfit that describes me as a person the most, this outfit would be it. It's a little rough around the edges, a little boho, and a little clean-clut (which are all me because I have an eclectic, but refined, taste). And it's black, white, and denim which are my two favorite colors and my favorite fabric all in one outfit. So, score!

So, I'll start of with this top, which I'm COMPLETELY in love with. I love a simple white button down, but adding lace-up sleeves adds just the right amount of interest to this top. It also came in a red and white striped pattern with red lace, which I almost bought, but then I saw this black and white one and knew that I was going to wear that one so much more often. I actually got this top from Burlington Coat Factory (they surprisingly have so much good stuff) about a month ago. I tried finding it on their website again, but couldn't find it. But I found the same top on the Outnet. It's definitely more expensive there than it was at Burlington, but there's nothing I can do about that. 

And then I got this skirt at another boutique that's literally down the street from me and I go to all the time too called Bebenoir. And the brand is Dance & Marvel (they do wholesale, so I can't tag the skirt). I love this skirt because I love all things denim and frayed hems. And I already have another denim skirt, but I think this one is a little grungier and it's a little bit shorter than my other one, so I only really wear it on the weekends. Also on the back, it only has one pocket and where the other should be the denim is two-toned and a little darker, which I think gives it a unique look. 

Then to accessorize, I went a little different this week. I've been meaning to bring out this hat for a while now, but it's so hard to wear hats in the city I think because it's so windy and I don't want to lose any of mine and it's also so hot and I don't want my head to sweat too much.

Regardless, I decided to bring this one out because I thought it made the whole look a little bit boho, which I love. And this  is one of my favorite hats that I own because I got it at a market in London when I was studying abroad 3 years ago, so it has quite some sentimental meaning to me (London was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could go back literally all the time).

And last, but not least, I have these cute little heels to finish off the outfit. I tried to stay away from my typical open-toe sandals that I wear all the time, so I pulled out these bad boys. I got these my sophomore or junior year of college to wear with a dress to a date night or formal, I really can't remember. And I've worn them so much that the brand has worn off the inside of the shoe and I literally can't remember where I got them. But they're very comfortable, the heel isn't too high, and the strap around the ankle and my toes actually makes me feel like my feet are going to stay in, which is no easy feat. 

And surprise, I don't have a choker on for this look! Crazy huh? Decided to keep my jewelry this time to just the rings and earrings I wear everyday. Didn't want to go crazy....

Til next time!



Top // Walter Baker (it was cheaper at Burlington, but I swear this is the same shirt)

Skirt // Bebenoir Stores (this is similar)

Hat // Market in London (this is similar)

Shoes // No idea (but these are similar)


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