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Ok so not really any guns here (besides the giant muscles I’m getting on my arms from my 30 days work out challenge - lol yea right), but I thought this look had a nice rocker vibe with a Guns 'n Roses concert tee feel. My favorite combo right now has to be delicate and feminine pieces paired with rough and edgy accessories (esp pretty dresses with combat boots). I've seen a lot of other bloggers, especially Aimee Aong of @songofstyle and Danielle Bernstein of @wewhorewhat, going with the edgy mixed with pretty, which is where I kind of got the inspo for this look.

So I love this floral pattern because the base of it is black. I usually stick to either really dark florals or really light florals, nothing in between. I also love the tiered ruffles on this because they're super simple and actually not overly noticeable. I'm a huge fan of ruffles, but a lot of the time I feel like they're too frilly or girly, so when they're done in a darker fabric or are more structured, I like them better. Also, did not notice that the hem of this dress is higher in the front as compared to the back until I saw these photos. I usually don't like high-low hems, but this one isn't that dramatic, so I can deal. The last part I love about this dress is that it's essentially a tank dress over mesh sleeves. I love tank dresses and tops over tees, so I really was feeling this dress as soon as I saw it.

So for accessories on this, I went with all black accessories to just add more edge to the look. I went with chunkier combat boots with buckles to match the leather jacket. And I feel like a lot of places have boots similar to these right now. These are from Zara, and I think I got them from a Buffalo Exchange (of course, where else would I get them) for like 20-25 bucks, so it's just proof that you can get good stuff for cheap. I also grabbed my simple vintage Coach purse that I got from a Salvation Army (because that's the second most likely place I’m going to shop) just because it's such a simple purse. And finally, I put on my circle earrings to match the circle studs on the jacket. #matchymatchy

Ugh I just love leather jackets guys. Some people are denim jacket people, and while yes I am also one of those people, leather jackets are my go-to. I like that they instantly add edge, but they can also be super sleek at the same time. And they're so versatile! Omg you guys you can literally wear a leather jacket with anything. For those of you who want to jump into the leather jacket game I highly suggest going with a white tee or a band tee with a leather jacket, jeans, and white sneakers. That's a classic weekend, out-and-about look. And if you wanna wear it out on the weekend for some dranks, I would go with black ripped jeans, off shoulder top, and some booties. #edgyaf

So guys, what do you think? How do you feel about the florals/girly mixed with edgy accessories? Lemme know in the comments below!



leather jacket // vintage, similar here and here

boots // zara, similar here and here

purse // vintage coach, similar here and here 

earrings // francescas and urban outfitters, similar here


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