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So this was look #2 from my shoot at home in this dope sculpture garden. (sorry the photos aren't that great quality- my computer won't let me download them right now for some reason, so I had to screenshot them all. I'll be doing my best to fix that shortly).

I've done another look with a bandana before, and I've been trying to implement them in my wardrobe more often, so I thought it was time to bring it back out. This time I paired it with my two-toned jeans that I got from American Eagle (they're super on sale now, like $20, so you should get them while they still last cause I swear these are going to be gone forever soon). I knew I wanted to wear denim with this outfit again, and I was originally worried that the two-tone denim was going to be too much, but I just kind of said fuck it and went with it. These jeans are super comfortable and the high-waist and straight leg make them super flattering.

On top I put on this really cute loose short-sleeve blouse that I got from H&M (also on super sale, was legit $5). I really did my best to try and find this shirt on their website, but it looks like it's gone from the internet forever. Check the sales sections at stores though, because this top is awesome and y'all should have one just like it. It's super versatile because you can wear it with jeans and slide sandals for a very casual look, but you can also wear it with a nice skirt and a pair of heels and looks super chic. Just note that it does wrinkle very easily (you can kind of tell is these photos but that's also cause this shirt came out from my suitcase so sue me), so make sure to put it on a hanger or be sure to iron it before wearing. Or wear it wrinkly if that's your thing. ;)

As usual, I have my black Nina shoes (are you getting tired of seeing them yet?). I decided not to have any other accessories (other than my usual rings and earrings that I never take out) because the red bandana was really the focus of this look. And if I had anything else, where would your eyes have wanted to look first? You probably would have gone cross-eyed. Just kidding. Or am I?

For those of you who want to wear more bandanas, but don't know how to put them in your wardrobe, I'll be doing a post on that soon. But here are a few tips:

1. Experiment with ways to tie it around your neck.

2. Tie it around other things besides your neck - your belt buckle, as an actual belt, around your shirt, on your purse strap, around your wrist, around your ankle, etc.

3. Get a shirt/dress/whatever you like in a bandana-esque paisley print instead of actually using a bandana

4. If the classic bandana print isn't your thing, try square silk scarves in interesting prints instead

You guys will be hearing from me soon. Til next time!



Top // H&M ( this one is similar)

Shoes // Nina

Bandana // Not sure, but Michael's has some cheap ones like this


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