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Holy crap it's Friday everyone! Thank God! I don't know about you guys, but this week has felt so long. And I swear I thought yesterday was Friday the whole day and then I realized it wasn't and it just made my day so much worse. BUTTTTTT today is Friday, so it's great. Do any of y'all have any exciting plans?????

Well it's supposed to be super sunny tomorrow (and kind of cold, ew), but I plan on spending as much time outside as possible. When you live in the city, sometimes it can be super hard to want to go outside because of all the noise and people, but I'm thinking blankets in the park will help get away from it all. Or maybe an adventure to Brooklyn... Anyway, just cause it's gettting colder, doesn't mean it is less sunny. Which means SUNGLASSES!!! In my personal opinion you can never have too many pairs. So I rounded up just a few of my favorites that I think are perfect for this fall. Let me know which ones are your favorites!

xoxo,  Lex

1. The Cat-Eye – MVMT ($75) Get them here.

A solid black cat-eye is literally a sunglasses must for anyone who loves sunglasses. Cat-eyes are flattering for pretty much all face shapes, which is what makes them such a great sunglasses type. And cat-eyes are super in right now, so you too can be hip with the trends. I really like these simpler ones because they can go with a lot of outfits and they're those sunglasses that you can wear ALL THE TIME. These could be your daily sunglasses. There are a lot more cat-eyes that have more dramatic frames, but in a bout a year or two's time they're going to be out of trend and we're going to wonder why we ever thought they were cool. These will always be trendy. Case in point: Audrey Hepburn wore them. And she's a style icon. 

2. THE MIRRORS – Spitfire ($20) Get them here.

For those of you who love mirrored sunnies, these are definitely a pair that are a little different. These have a bridge that go across the top of the frames versus across the nose (which, yea I know a lot of people do, but these are still cool, ok?). And then they also have a little groove where the normal bridge would go which adds just a small unique detail to the glasses. The color palatte of these is super muted so these woudl be a pair that could go with a lot of looks. It's kind of a sand color, but it's shiny. I also love the fact that they're circle lenses because those are one of my favorite types and they really give these sunglasses a retro vibe. If you're looking for mirrored glasses that are just a little different, these are yours. Also, only $20, SCORE!

3. The Circles – Komono ($69.95) Get it here.

And another pair of circle sunglasses, but the frames are also circles on these too. Again, I love circle sunglasses (and you should too). These are very simple glasses, but they're not boring because they're outlined with clear pink frames. Pink is a huge color right now which makes these super trendy. I feel like most circle sunglasses are neutral colors (black, turtle, maybe silver or gold frames with black lenses), so because these have color, they're a little fresher. Also, these are bigger frames, so they won't feel too small on your faces. A lot of circle sunglasses have super small frames (think of the John Lennon glasses), which you really have to have the right look to pull off. With these glasses, since they are bigger, almost anyone can pull them off. You just have to like pink.

4. The See-Through – Urban Outfitters ($18) Get it here.

Let's look at life through some rose-colored sunglasses. I mean, why not? I absolutely love the tinted sunglass trend that's going on right now. I know a lot of people prefer mirrored sunnies so then other people can't tell where they're looking, but mirrored sunglasses can be such a start contrast on the face. I love the fact that you can see through these and see the eyes. Eyes are one of my favorite features on a person and usually one of the first things that I notice, so being able to see them and show them off through sunglasses is something that I think is super cool. My roommate hates these types of sunglasses (probably because they seem to have very little purpose than to look cool and the fact that she LOVES mirrrored sunglasses), so that just proves they're not meant for everyone. Also, these have a square shape frame, which I thought really made them look different. You don't see a lot of square-frame glasses. 

5. The Basic – Joseph Marc ($95) Get it here.

So I've legit been seeing these vintagey looking sunglasses everywhere I swear. They're super simple, but classic and they're not quite aviators and their not quite just plain glasses. They're a little oval-ish (kind of an egg shape, I guess), so they're flattering for all face shapes. And BONUS these legit would go with any look imaginable. Jeans and a tee. Check. Leather skirt and blouse. Check. Dress with a leather jacket. Check. Jumpsuit. Check. These are the updated vintage sunglasses all the influencers are wearing, so you should get them while you can. I'm sure there are cheaper versions out there, this was just a pair I found from one of my favorite bloggers (her blog is Candidly Chan and you guys should all check her out). 

6. The Out-There  – Topshop ($40) Get it here.

So these are definitely for those who are a little more adventurous with their sense of style. I personally would wear these, but probably very rarely (like if I was feeling fly AF or really bold that day or maybe if I was wearing a super basic outfit like a plain white tee and jeans and needed to spice up my look). Also, anyone thinking Cheetah Girls when they see these? I dooooooo. The cat eye is super flattering and then the space between the frames and the actual lenses make them super modern. Topshop is really on their eyewear game rn. Just so y'all know. Go check it outtt.


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