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It's 10 days til Christmas everyone! Can you freaking believe it? I know, it's hard for me to believe it, too. This year is flying by and I feel like Thanksgiving was literally just yesterday. So, if any of you guys are like me and are trying to get some last-minute gifts, and aren't trying to break the bank while buying your gifts, I've got this handy guide to help you out. 

I always try and set a cap on the amount of money I'm willing to spend per person, and so for the purpose of this guide I set it to $25 dollars (although there is one thing on this list that is $35 - sorry I tried). I've got a little bit of something for every type of person out there (lol not really, I just tried to come up with a few good ideas in case any one was having problems thinking of anything). I know I would love to get any of these things as a gift, and I'm sure some of your friends would too!

If you don't see anything on this list, I suggest trying Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, or Uncommon Goods. Those three places always have a great gift ideas that can be as expensive or as cheap as your budget can handle. And if you want help finding any other ideas, reach out to me! I love gift shopping!

I hope all of you have a great Holiday Season and fantastic New Year! You'll be hearing from me shortly cause I have some exciting new content coming soon, so stay tuned!



1. For the Beauty Guru – The Perfect Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set ($19) Get it here.

Anyone who is obsessed with beauty products/makeup can tell you that there is no such thing as owning too many lipsticksAnd I have to admit, I 100% agree with them. I don't even consider myself to be one of those people obsessed with makeup, and I legit have like 15 lipsticks. There are just so many shades out there and having a variety of lipsticks allows you to match your lipstick game with what you're wearing (#GOALS). Anyway, this set is awesome becuase 1) Bite Beauty is freaking amazing and their lipsticks DON'T MOVE and 2) you get four mini sticks, so the person receiving the gift has several shades they can test out. The only thing better than getting one great lipstick is getting FOUR. SCORE.

2. For the Person Who Basically Lives at the Gym – S'well Bottle ($35) Get it here.

We all have one of those friends who has recently (or not so recently) discovered the gym and constantly posts snapchats of them sweating it out (annoying but goals, right?). So for those people, there's a wide variety of things you could get them. But a Lululemon headband as a gift is getting kind of old and is pretty #basic. Instead you should get them a S'well bottle. Not only does this bottle keep your drink cold for literally a whole day (yes, a whole day and if you don't believe me check their website), but you also have so many different patterns and colors to choose from. So if your friend likes camo or neon yellow or plain black, there is pretty much a S'well bottle for them. Also, you should get them one of these so they don't buy water bottles and waste plastic (because global warming is real and let's protect the environment).

3. For the Jewelry Lover – Yellow Tassel Earrings ($16) Get them here.

For those friends who always look head to toe #ootd goals, these earrings are perfect. First, these earrings are on trend because guess what, FRINGE IS IN (for those of you have been living under a rock). They're also great because they have hoops, and hoops are also in. And then I really like these because for whatever reason yellow is becoming a big color right now, and I've never really been a yellow person, but I'm really digging it. They're bright, but not neon, so they don't hurt your eyes. And I think almost any outfit could use a good pop of color. Also, finding stylish earrings for a good price is so hard. And this price is amazing. So yea. 

4. For the Hipster/One Who's Still a Kid – Balloon Dog Light ($25) Get it here.

Kind of obsessed with this little light, so I might have to buy it for myself. Technically this is considered a night light (probably cause it's geared more towards kids), but who are we kidding I know so many people who would think this light is the coolest thing since string cheese. It kind of creates a neon glow, so it reminds me of those cool shaped neon lights that you can get at Urban, which I think are super cool. And who doesn't like balloon animals. I always loved those as a kid. This is definitely for the person who is trying to add a cool vibe to their apartment. *Peace sign*

5. For the Person Who Lives by Their Horoscope – Zodiac Trinket Dish ($14) Get it here.

I know we all have those friends who read the Refinery29 horoscopes every week (I know because I'm one of them) and also those who think people's life problems literally revolve around their zodiac sign (aka those people who go around asking, "Oh, you're a scorpio aren't you?"). These dishes are for those people. Or even people who like the look of all the zodiac stuff. Or people who just like a simple dish (these remind me of old Egyptian pottery for some reason). And these are definitely for the people who need something to put all their random crap in when they get home (keys, chapstick, bobbypins, rings, etc. - you get the gist).

6. For the Foodie – Mini Waffle Maker ($18) Get it here.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like waffles, so this is honestly the perfect gift for anyone. You should just ignore the rest of my suggestions and buy this one. I mean, just look at how tiny and perfect it is. And the purple is so pretty. And it also comes in sky blue. And just think of all the fun breakfasts you could make on the weekends. You can put blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, literally anything you want in them. And it's mini! So you don't need to feel like you have to be super hungry and be able to eat a whole waffle (which can be super hard sometimes when waffles are jumbo). So essentially this will give you perfect waffles. And everyone loves waffles, so this is the perfect gift. 


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