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New Year's Eve is literally just around the corner, and while I still have no idea what I'm doing for it, my biggest to-do is to figure out what I'm wearing. NYE is a time to go bold, and it's pretty much the only time where it's appropriate to be wearing sequins/shiny material from head to toe. Personally, I'm not a sequins person (meaning that I won't wear them on a day-to-day basis), but I do love shiny accessories and event a shiny skirt. BUT when it comes to NYE, I am all in for donning sequins all over. 

There are so many stores right now that have sequin dresses and rompers and jumpsuits, so there are literally so many options that you have to chose from if you, like me, wanna slip into something sequiny (I don't even think that's a real word). Here are a few of my favorite sequin picks that are top contenders for what I'll be wearing that I found while scouring the internet -- and you can score them last minute (and they're all under $100, so you won't be breaking the bank!). And THISis a great black fur jacket that's PERFECT to wear over your shiny look so you stay warm. 

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!



1. Sequined Dress – H&M ($34.99) Get it here.

This is just a super cute simple spaghetti strap mini dress. And the sequins are those pearly kind, so when they shiny they give off some purple and blue hues, so it adds some depth to this dress. This would go great with a pair of over the knee boots and some giant hoop earrings. And a choker if you're really going for a 90s vibe. Definitely a disco dream girl dress. 

2. Velvet Sequin Halter Romper – Forever 21 ($58) Get it here.

This is definitely a disco ball romper, but at least it's a CUTE disco ball romper. Rompers are great cause they allow for a lot of room to move in, but just remember that if you're gonna be drinking (like ALOT) then going to the bathroom is gonna take an extra step. This would also go great with a pair of over the knee boots or you can go a little more mod with a pair of sheer tights and some platform heels. 

3. All Over Sleeveless Sequin Jumpsuit– Missguided ($57) Get it here.

Ugh, I'm a sucker for a great jumpsuit, and this is just that. The wide leg of this jumpsuit is super flattering for all shapes and sizes, and also allows some room for some dancing (which I hope you guys will be doing, because it is NYE after all). The only thing to be careful of is the low V in the front. If you've got big boobs, tape is your best friend with this jumpsuit. If you like this look but want to add a little bit of modesty (very, very little bit), adding a sheer long sleeve turtleneck underneath will cover you up just a little bit, but still look super sexy. For shoes, definitely some comfy heels. Or even some white sneakers, if that's more your vibe.

4. TFNC High Neck Mini Dress in Gold Sequin – ASOS ($66.50) Get it here.

This sequined dress is just as much high fashion as it is high shine. Different colored sequins create an interesting pattern on this dress that is super busy, but it doesn't appear that way to the eye (aka it won't hurt your eyes if you stare at it too long). The high neck and sleek silhouette makes this dress super sophisticated, but the sequins definitely keep this dress young. To accessorize, pair with over the knee boots or some tights with wedge booties. I'm also really digging this look with the hair up. 10 out of 10, would recommend. 

5. Motel Gabby Sequin Mini Dress – Urban Outfitters ($99) Get it here.

This dress will literally make you look like liquid metal as you walk across the room. These multicolored sequins will change color as you move and depending on how the light hits you, really giving a lot of depth to your look. The high front and long sleeves give you a little bit of modesty, but this dress definitely is business in the front and party in the back. With a back that cuts a little low, it still gives it a little bit of sex appeal. Keep accessories simple and let the dress do the talking. For shoes, slip on black booties (and if you're extra bold, some fishnet tights to go with them).

6. Paillette Party Midi Slip – Free People ($69.95) Get it here.

For those who are more of a fan of maxi dresses (or who just don't feel like having their legs freeze off because it's been cold af lately), this is the dress for you. This dress goes all the way down to your ankles so you're fully covered, but has a slit up to the thigh so you are still able to show off just a little bit of leg (oOoOoOhhhhh scandalous). For more of a glam vibe, go with some patent leather booties, or to go more casual, wear black high-tops just like the model below. Also suggested: a bold lip color.


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