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Happy Fri-yay everyone! So now that it's fall (or more like winter today in the city with 35 degree weather - GLOBAL WARMING DOES EXIST) and it's so cold out that you can't go outside without a jacket (or you're one of those people who can withstand really cold temperatures in a t-shirt), I figured I would do a jacket post. I personally have so many jackets, but I always find more that I like and convince myself that I need (NEEEEED) another one. And my jackets always have to match the rest of my look, and when they don't I am not a happy camper. I like everything to match, even my outerwear. What about you? 

So here are some cuuuuuuute coats and jackets currently available via the internet rn and they're all under $100! WOOOOOOT! So you don't have to break the bank to get some good outerwear and still stay warm. Lemme know which is your favorite. 



1. The Parka – Forever 21 ($44.90) Get it here.

Another pink thing! What??? I really do this light millennial pink color, so don't hate. I'm usually pretty wary of buying things at Forever, unless I'm looking for something cheap and don't really care about the quality, but I thought this jacket was too good to pass up. It's super simple and chic and I love the giant faux fur collar on this. I also am used to only seeing like army green parkas and they always look very boho or have an outdoor adventure type of vibe, and I loved how feminine this one is. It's super chic and is a great layering piece. Probably isn't the best for super cold temperatures, but very cute nonetheless.

2. The Trench – Lulu's ($82) Get it here.

A good trench is really a must for any closet. These are good for the really cold temperatures because they go down to the calf or even the ankle so you can also keep your legs warm. And, as someone who went to college in Syracuse, which is literally the snow capital of the country, I know a thing or two about trench coats and keeping your legs warm in freezing ass temperatures. I mean at Syracuse I did wear more of a calf-length parka, but in the name of style, I normal trench with lots of scarves will do for the city. The description on the site says this is a dusty gray color, but I think it's more green. But it's definitely a muted color that can go with a lot of outfits.

3. The Biker Jacket – Berska ($79) Get it here.

Literally saw this jacket and was OBSESSED. I love a good leather jacket (I already have one in a nude/tan/light pinkish peach color) and have been dying to get a black one for ages. So when I saw this I DIED. I love the fact that it's oversized bc oversized is my fave. And what's really great about this jacket is that it has a faux fur lining (and they did it in this brilliant bright red which contrasts so well with the black and just is making me want to sing), so you can wear it during the colder temperatures. Unfortunately I don't think it's removable so you'll be hella toasty when it starts to get warm out again. Definitely a fall, winter, and early spring jacket. Also, the zipper and buckle details are clutch on this.

4. The Puffer– Silence + Noise ($99) Get it here.

So I never thought I would say this, but I'm totally digging the yellow color trend rn. Like I usually stick to my black and white thing with some neutrals and maybe a red thrown in there, but I think yellow could make the rotation. I like this color cause it's kind of more mustardy, which is a little more muted, so it could work. And I know what I just said about cropped jackets, but this is the right length for a "cropped" jacket. It hits right below the waistline of the pants so everything will stay covered. And I love how simple of a puffer this is. It looks sooooooo cozy!

5. The Faux-Fur – Zara ($89.90) Get it here.

My roommate literally loves teddy bear jackets and she's kind of warmed me up to them too, so now I want one as well and if I did buy one it would probably be this one. I think it's the perfect length -- not too long, not too short -- and I really like the color on this. I really do want to get out of my whole black and white thing, but I have to stick to my #aesthetic, and I do think this fits that. This would still make me look edgy and polished both at once. Also, bonus with this is there is a fucking hood on it. YAS!

6. The Wildcard – ASOS ($98) Get it here.

This jacket is so over the top I kind of love it. Idk if I would ever actually wear this, but it definitely deserved an honorable mention. It's an update on a parka, mixing it with the metallic trend and then putting on some white fur around the hood. Since it's relatively clean (not very many zippers and other details), it's actually a pretty chic jacket. You just need to pair it with the right things. I would probably wear an all black outfit with this, so nothing was really competing with each other. Definitely a standout piece for the bold. 


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