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Sooooooooo I just realized that today is my half birthday!! So that's super exciting! Guess I need to go eat half a tub of ice cream and have some wine to celebrate, right? You only turn 23 1/2 once, right? I mean I'm not one for usually celebrating half birthdays but after a long and hectic work week, I think a relaxing celebration is just what I need. Honestly a good night of old movies with wine and ice cream is exactly what I need right now. 10/10

Anywayyyyyyyyys, right now I am seeing hats EVERYWHERE. And I Am. Here. For. It. I personally only have baseball caps and a short-brim fedora, so I need to up my game ASAP.  Who else does too? Hats are the best because they can instantly elevate any look in a second. It's like "yea my outfit is cute," and then you throw on a bomb af hat and then BAM you got a chic outfit on and the paparazzi are about to follow you. Literally any time I see anyone with a real cute outfit on AND a great hat, I always think WOW that person is cool. I like their style. I like them.  Sorry might be getting a little distracted here.  Also, hats are a great way to hide bedhead or greasy hair (and let's be real, we all can't just throw on a beanie for work like some guys can at their jobs). So other hats can not only hide that #nastyhair, but take that look to the NEXT level. 

Ok, so I looked all over at a few of my favorite shops and found a few great hats that I would love to wear with anything in my closet (and I hope you would too). The best part is all these hats are under $30! Super score! Fashion on a budget woooot. Let me know which one is your fave in the comments below! Til next time. 



1. The Wide Brim – Tobi ($15) Get it here.

So this hat is pretty much just like a fedora, but its got a wider brim, but not long enough to be a floppy hat. It's kind of a fedora/floppy hat combo if you will. Because it's black it will go with a lot of different outfits. And the wider brim adds extra drama. And then there are also studs, but they're only on a band that goes around the base of the hat, so they add a little edge, but not too much. 

2. The Fedora – Urban Outfitters ($29.99) Get it here.

So here is your classic fedora, but it's taken up a notch with its bright red color and a sleek black tie that goes around the base of the hat (pretty sure it's made of leather, so that makes it even classier). You can never go wrong with a classic fedora. I picture this with a white button down, light jeans, flats, and a nice black trench. 

3. The Cap – Express ($29.90) Get it here.

As soon as I saw this baseball cap, I couldn't look away. I really haven't seen anything like this. I mean yes there are plenty of hats that each panel is a different color, but most of the time those are sports or trucker hats and the colors are loud neons. This is probably the classiest color block hat I've ever seen. I think it's the neutral colors. They go really well together and just overall make a chic af hat. 

4. The Beret – ASOS ($19) Get it here.

Ok another classic hat here. Berets are definitely making their comeback. At first, I wasn't really into it. Like I like berets, but not enough to wear them on a day-to-day basis. But now that I see more people wearing them more often, I really dig them. I've seen more embellished berets (with pearls and sequins and stuff), but I really like just a plain beret. And for some reason, I love this yellow/mustard color, so I'm all in for this beret. 

5. The Beanie – Topshop ($26) Get it here.

With the cold temperatures that we've been having up here in the city, a beanie is necessary. I mean, I have sensitive ears, and so they get cold super easy. So beanies are literally a must for me otherwise my ears feel like they're gonna fall off. And I saw this chenille beanie, which I thought took beanies to a chicer level (sorry I keep using the word chic so often, I can't come up with anything else and these hats are all chic OK?). I mean anyone can pull off a classic knit beanie, but I love that the chenille just gives this some texture. Looks luxurious. 

6. The Cabbie – Urban Outfitters ($29) Get it here.

I. AM. ALL. FOR. CABBIE. HATS. One of my friends started wearing cabbie hats a few months ago, and because she's legit like a model I thought it was so cool. And then I started seeing other people wearing them too, and I just thought "I NEED ONE." I don't have one, yet. And you will be the first ones to know when I get one because it will be on my Instagram story. I think the last time I had a cabbie hat it was 7th grade and actually hideous. For a while, I thought they were so ugly, but I am back on board. This one is made of corduroy which makes it super cool. Extra texture = Extra fabulous.


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