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So today is the first day of fall. And even though it’s 80 degrees out and it doesn’t feel like fall at all (like I’m sweating in short sleeves and wide-leg pants), I can’t wait to break out the sweaters and booties.

I’m one of those people who like to layer things, especially cause one minute I’m sweating and the next I’m freezing, so cardigans are my sweater of choice. So I scoured the internet (not really though cause I only looked at places I could actually afford), and found 8 super cute cardis that are under $100. Personally my fave cardigans that I own are the oversized ones I find at Salvation Army, but if I had to buy a new one, one of these 8 would be it.

Also, really wanted to include thisTopshop one in the roundup (I swear legit every blogger owns this one too) because I’m obsessed (read: OBSESSED) with it. But it’s sold out. Of course. So yea, just look at the other super cute ones I picked!



1. Long Kimono Cardigan – Zara ($49.40) Get it here.

Unfortunately the belt doesn’t come with this kimono, which is so sad cause it makes this kimono look FAB, but it looks super chic no matter what (also I’m sure you can buy the belt at Zara anyway). I like really long cardigans, especially when they have clean lines because I think it just ties the whole look together and makes you look chic af. This also comes in three colors, so you can take your pick from dark khaki (pictured), black, or rust red.

2. BDG Charlie Dolman Cardigan – Urban Outfitters ($59.00) Get it here.

I’m a sucker for anything chunky knit, so this one definitely catches my eye. I also love anything color-blocked, so that was an extra added bonus. I love the slouchy-ness of the sleeves, which I think gives it a very relaxed vibe. Would def wear this on the weekend. This one also comes in multiple colors, but not all of them are color-blocked.

3. For Your Love Heather Grey Long Cardigan Sweater – Lulus ($59.00) Get it here.

Another long caridgannnnn! Except I think this one is longer than the Zara one. This one legit touches the ankle. I’m pretty short (5’4.5”), so I would maybe be worried that if I was wearing flats or sandals this would touch the ground. Ehhhhh would be worth the risk. I love the soft grey of this. Besides black and white I love to wear grey (of course), but I think it makes it look super modern and chic (those might be the only two words I use to describe things, I swear).Also, this one doesn’t have any pockets, which usually I would be upset about, but I think keeping it simple really works for this.

4. Azure Skies Lenox Sweater – Aritzia ($75) Get it here.

Ok I absolutely love the color of this sweater. The only time I will actually ever wear pink, is if it’s a dark berry pink or if it’s super light like this one.  Their website says it’s color is Lucite, which I’m pretty positive is a gemstone, but like if you didn’t know that I would have no idea what color you’re talking about. This cardi has some cashmere in it, so you know it’s gonna be soft. But def might be more for winter temps cause cashmere can make you kinda toasty.

5. Sweatshirt Cardigan – H&M ($39.99) Get it here.

So I picked this cardi because I thought it was so unique and cool. Like a sweatshirt cardigan? What? And then I realized it was like an extra large sweatshirt, but you just don’t zip it up. But you know I still think it’s pretty cool.  Also I lied about the pink thing before. I like to wear dusty rose too. But only those 3 pinks, I swear. Also I think this cardi would make me look edgy, which I like. And you would look edgy too.

6. Kent Cardigan Sweater – Nordstrom ($98.00) Get it here.

So this is def the most expensive sweater of them all (b/c Madewell), but it would totally be worth it because of how cozy it is. Like do you see how fuzzy and warm it looks. Like this is a blanket that is meant to be warn. YESSSS. Again, this one is definitely meant more for winter temps. And comes in several other colors if rust isn’t yours.

7. Weekday Zip Knitted Cardigan – ASOS ($87) Get it here.

This cardi is probably my fave one out of all the ones I picked. Oversized. Check. Grey. Check. Cool detail (the zipper is bombbbbb with the circle zipper pull). Check. Looks edgy. Looks cozy. I love the deep V in the front. Enough said. You will probably see me in this in the future. That is all. Y'all should buy it. Now, that is all. 

8. Ribby Rib Cardi – Free People ($78) Get it here.

THIS IS THE BERRY COLOR I WAS TALKING ABOUT. Free People is one of my fave places on earth because boho chic is essentially the look I would love to have for myself (but can’t because I wear black and white way too much). So pretty much anything I see there I want and I WANT IT NOW. This cardigan is the exact opposite of the last one. It’s definitely thinner and meant to be worn in warmer, in-between temperatures. The ribbing also makes it look super boho and slouchy. This one comes in 6 colors, so SCORE. Get it in all the colors.


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