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Fall weather is finally here, and whenever I think of fall weather I think of booties!  And booties are everywhere right now!  They're the perfect shoe for fall because they're not too tall so you can wear them with pants or a skirt or whatever you would like to pair them with. And this season, there are so many booties in different colors and fabrics and some are textured and some a super smooth. Some have slits. Some hug the foot like a sock. Some are rebellious. And some are sweet.

So I scoured the internet and rounded up my favorite ones that are available right now that are all under $100 (because broke). Let me know which ones are your favorite in the comment section! 



1. Lunea 3 Ankle Bootie – Marc Fisher ($99) Get it here.

Who doesn't love a good suede bootie? I mean honestly, these are the quintessential suede booties. They're a little short compared to what other booties I'm used to (I like the ones that go up higher because I have super skinny ankles so most booties look like they're swallowing my foot if they don't go up high enough), but these taper a bit at the top so I think they will hit the ankle in just the right spot and not too much room on the sides. I've also been looking for a staple brown colored bootie (because all of mine are black...) and I think these are them!

2. Loreida Bootie in Cognac– JustFab ($62.95) Get it here.

OBSESSED WITH THE EMBROIDERY ON THESE! I absolutely love embroidery and I love how it's done in such a simple way on the shoe. Sometimes, embroidery can really overpower the rest of the item, but because they stuck to a simple color palette and matched the embroidery with the color of the boot, it's not too overwhelming. Plus the white really stands out but looks so chic. 

3. Naomi Bootie – Steve Madden ($99.95) Get it here.

Ok, I'm not a huge pink person, but look at these. They are BEAUTIFUL *read that again in a sing-song voice*. I also love LOVE booties that have the slits in the side. I think it's so mod looking. These ones are also suede, but it's less of a fuzzy suede and more of a flat suede (I don't really know how to describe it), which is the type of suede I prefer. These would be perfect with jeans and a plain white tee and leather jacket. *envisions herself in that actual outfit*

4. HUNT Banana Heel Boots – Topshop ($90) Get it here.

These ones might be my favorite. And that's cause I love shiny things. I have silver oxfords that I wear all the time and these would go right up with them. I love the rose gold/bronze color of these and how simple the actual shoe is. The fabric literally does all the talking. Also, these are square toes (which you can't tell from this angle). So if you hate square toed boots, these are not for you. I happen to love them, so it's a bonus. I feel like these are definitely for the fashionable adventurous or are more for special occasions. So I don't know if I would actually buy these just because they're so out there, but they are just sooooo pretty. 

5. River Island Block Heel Western Boots – ASOS ($67) Get it here.

I've been looking for a solid red bootie (or just a red shoe in general) for a while now, and once I saw these it was love at first sight. These ones are also suede (I swear I didn't mean to pick literally almost all suede boots, I guess that's just what I'm really into right now). I also liked the fact that the seaming made them look kind of cowboy-boot ish (and they're appropriately named Western Boots). I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots but I could be down. I also love a solid pointy toe and these have them. 

6. Burgundy Front Zip Pointed Ankle Boots – Missguided ($86) Get it here.

And another one. We have another pointy toe pair of boots here. And these are so fucking edgy and I LOOOOOOVE IT SO SO MUCH. I love the zippers. I love the studs. I love the plum color. I just love everything about them. Usually when fall and winter comes around I start to dress all in black and super edgy with ripped jeans, black cardigans and kimonos and pointy black boots. These would definitely fit right in to my closet. Definitely on my wishlist. *hint hint wink wink mom and dad*

7. Gwen Stretch Glove Boot – Urban Outfitters ($89) Get it here.

Kitten heels are huge for fall (because who really wants to walk around in super high heels all day that kill your feet?). And I love these because 1. they're black, 2. they hug the foot, and 3. POINTY TOES. So many boots are so loose on my ankles, so I feel like these would give a pretty streamlined look. Also, the stretch material would be super comfortable. These are perfect to wear to work because they're simple and classy, but could also be great for going out on the weekends. 

8. Thick Heeled Ankle Boots – Express ($69.90) Get it here.

I really wish I could keep white things clean because if i could these would already be in my closet. I only own one pair of white shoes (which I'm literally wearing right now) and they have scuff marks on the side, which is so upsetting, and I can't get them off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which is even more sad. I always scuff up my shoes so bad, so it won't ever be meant to be. But I love white shoes because, like black shoes, they can go with everything. And unlike black shoes, they don't make them more edgy, I think they make every outfit look more modern and clean. So if you can keep white shoes clean, GET THESE! The heel height on these isn't super high so they would be super comfy to wear. 


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