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So today's look is all about taking your favorite summer pieces and learning how to transition them for fall. Having a transitional wardrobe is key so that you can wear some of your favorite pieces all year long and it minimizes the number of pieces that you need in your closet. Which is something that I think is important because so many of us have too many clothes that just sit around in our closets and we live in a world where we get rid of old things and buy new things constantly. It's an endless cycle and we end up wasting too many clothes. So remember kids, get things you can mix and match and wear year round. Good, classic staples are better than trends. 

Ok. Rant over. Sorry guys. I've been reading a lot about sustainable fashion at work and how much we wast when we make clothes and it's kind of disgusting. Buy sustainable fashion if you can. 

So for one of my favorite summer pieces I have this millennial pink suede jumper. In the summer I usually wear a plain white tee underneath and wear it with some black sandals. And for my winter pieces, I have this black turtleneck (I love turtlenecks, you will see so many on  my blog once winter comes back around) and knee high boots. 

What I love most about this outfit is how simple it is. I like to keep my outfits very simple and pretty much let the clothing do the talking. I'll layer things, but I never really try to embellish with too many accessories. And so this outfit is great because it has two layers to it (the dress and the turtleneck), so it sticks to my simpleness code. And the silhouette is very minimalistic, which I think make the outfit pretty modern. And then there is black here, but the light pink keeps it light enough. Millennial pink is also still trending for winter, so this is a great way to keep it in your closet. 

Anyway, that's all for now. Let me know what some of your favorite transition pieces are for fall in the comments.



Turtleneck // Worthington (this is similar)

Jumper // Zara (this is similar)

Boots // DSW (these are similar)


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