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So summer is almost among us (only 18 days away!), but the weather is basically here. I just recently (FINALLY) changed my closet over from my winter clothes to my spring/summer ones, and I forgot how much more I enjoy dressing for warmer weather. Not to brag (but I am bragging), but my spring/summer closet is pretty dope. I'm definitely way more experimental with spring/summer clothes than I am in the fall/winter (I basically stick to black and white for all of winter lol).

I am also a huge fan of everything denim. And quite a few of my favorite summer pieces are denim. I've happened to curate quite a good collection of denim jumpers, dresses, and skirts (and the killer jumpsuit in this post) from various thrift/vintage stores over the past few years, and I almost always happen to get a compliment when I wear one of them (I'm only sort of humble bragging now).

So for some denim inspo, here's my favorite denim piece I have in my closet along with some of my fave pieces of denim that you can buy right now (for under $50). Keep scrolling to check them out. 

THE DETAILS: Jumpsuit // vintage, from Peopleof2morrow, similar here / / Shoes // xx, similar here / / Scarf, similar here

This denim jumpsuit is great because it's made from stretch denim, so it's so comfortable. I literally could sleep in this, it's that comfortable. It definitely was made to be a cropped jumpsuit for someone taller (I had to tie the straps a lot tighter and the V is clearly meant to be deeper because of where the darts are sewn), but because I have such a long torso and short legs, I can make this jumpsuit work. I found it last year at a Vintage Showcase at Artists & Fleas, and I knew that I wanted it as soon as I saw it. There was no sizing tag, so I tried it on praying that it fit me, and it magically fit like a glove. It's basically like it was meant to be. 


My favorite part of this jumpsuit  by far is the bright blue back pockets. I love a good booty pop moment, and this jumpsuit makes it happen. You don't see a lot of standout pockets on jumpsuits or jeans these days, so I love that it makes this jumpsuit you unique. It's a simple statement, but it is that--a statement. 



Even though this jumpsuit is a statement piece, I wanted it pair it with some statement accessories. I love the look of a bright red shoe with denim--I think it's such a classic combo. I often wear denim with red accessories or a bold red lip because I love the combo so much. And the scarf came about because I showed my roommate this outfit and she had just bought the scarf and said "I know exactly what this outfit needs." The scarf has little bits of red in it, so it goes right with the shoes, and by tying it in my hair it doesn't overpower the outfit. Scarves are a big trend right now, and can be worn to easily spice up an outfit--tied around the neck, in the hair, as a belt, etc.

So, how do you guys feel about denim jumpsuits? Yay or nay? What are some of your denim must-haves for summer? Let me know in the comments below. 

AND if any of y'all are interested in finding some good vintage denim in the City, here are some suggestions: L Train Vintage (either the East Village or Bushwick location), Rags A Gogo in Chelsea, and Beacon's Closet by Union Square. Til next time!




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