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Spring is almost here and thank the LAWD it is so I can finally (FINALLY) wear wide leg pants like these without having to wear leggings underneath! Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?! Leggings aside, this look is total #bosslady. It’s feminine, masculine, trendy, and totally comfy all at the same time. Who can normally say that about an outfit? Not me!

This look is also a complete combo of trends. We’ve got a belted blazer going on with those (groundbreaking) spring florals, western belt, and white sneakers. When you really break it down, I feel like these things should not go together, but they somehow do. It’s just proof that sometimes you just have to take risks and experiment with your clothes to find some of the most unique and best outfits.

THE DETAILS: Pants // Project 28 NYC / / Blazer // H&M / /

Shoes // Adidas / / Belt // Urban Outfitters, similar here

So fun fact about these pants: I was shopping at Macy’s the week before I started my current job there looking for a first day of work outfit. I ended up deciding on a dress to wear, but I spotted these from far away and knew right away that I needed to buy them. I’m not usually a bold pattern person, and I tend to stick to black and white or neutrals for patterns, but these were just calling my name. What I love most about them is that because they’re silk and floral they make me feel super girly, but the stripe down the side is super sporty.


I first saw people wearing blazers with belts quite a few months ago, and knew I wanted to hop on board as soon as I did. The only problem was I didn’t have a longer/oversized blazer or a belt that wasn’t just a “basic” one (aka I only had an old one that I use to keep up my pants lol). So went on a search and found this blazer on sale at H&M (along with a few other ones at vintage and thrift stores) and stumbled across this belt on the floor of Urban Outfitter’s sale section (you guys know how messy it can get in there). And ultimately it was a match made in heaven.



I ended up pairing this whole look with sneakers because the whole top portion is so dressy, and I really wanted to take it down a notch. I love the whole wear sneakers with dresses and nice clothes to make it more casual thing. I don’t own a pair of chunky sneakers yet (and still debating on if I’m going to hop on that trend or not), so I had to go with a classic pair of white Adidases. And because of the white in the floral and the pinstripe in the blazer, they seemed to go quite nicely.


Overall, I love how powerful this outfit makes me feel. I literally feel like a boss ass bitch that can rule the world in it. And the best part is I could dress it up with a pair of white booties or nude heels, or dress it down by taking off the belt and wearing a white tee underneath. Either way, I hope this look inspires you to experiment with your closet and see what creative combos you can come up with!




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