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Hey guys! Long time no talk. I’m so so so so so sorry about not posting in almost two months, but I’ve just had a lot going on in my personal life lately, and I’ve just felt like I’ve needed some time to focus on myself. I definitely still feel extremely busy all the time and overall exhausted, but i couldn’t leave you hanging any longer.

Today’s look is one that I had a lot of fun shooting. Individually, these are all a few of some of my favorite pieces in my closet. And shooting this look was the first time that I had worn all of them together. And I do have to say that I like how it all came together.

As you guys know, black and white are my two favorite colors to wear. And so, with this look I still stuck to my usual aesthetic, but threw in some red for a pop of color.

If you’re also someone who likes to stick with black and white, I definitely would say the two easiest ways to add color to your look are with denim (traditional blue, patterned, or colored) or red.  Denim is easy because it in itself is a classic and has very clean lines. Red on the other hand is more daring but is easy to add in small doses: red lipstick, earrings, a belt, and my personal favorite, red shoes. So, with adding red, you can switch up your accessories, but wear your fave black and white pieces.

Overall, this look is very edgy. Which is the look I’ve been more into lately. I’ve been wearing more of denim with flowy shirts or a t-shirt with a leather jacket and chunky boots recently. And now that it’s almost summer, I will be doing dresses with chunky boots more often. 

This is actually a really simple look because it’s just a t-shirt with a skirt and boots, a jacket, and a hat. Nothing too crazy, right? The only reason it doesn’t look simple is because I played with a lot of textures. Wearing a bunch of different textures is an easy way to elevate any look or make it look more complicated.

One of the reasons I really like this look is because of this hat. I’m very into the pageboy hat look right now. And my new-ish short hair goes a lot better with a pageboy hat than my old long hair. Hats are another way to elevate any look, and are an easy add on to any outfit. Mine is black suede, which I think is a great starter hat because it’s very simple and very versatile. Also, pageboy hats work with any face type. So even if you’re not a hat person, I suggest trying one one—i think you’ll like them more than you think you will.

Ok, that’s all for now. I promise I have more good content that’s going to come your way, and I’ll be posting on a more regular schedule! Let me know what you think of today’s look in the comments.



tee // zara, similar here

skirt // vintage, similar here

jacket // vintage, similar here

boots // justfab

hat // h&m, similar here


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