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If you know me well at all, then you know I'm 100% obsessed with denim. I legit own probably 10 pairs of jeans, several denim jackets, overalls, a couple denim dresses, and a denim shirt or two. I think I have a problem, but I'm kind of ok with it. No, not kind of. I am ok with it. Denim is definitely my favorite fabric and it's so versatile, so I guess that's why I have so much of it. The only thing I don't have is a pair of white jeans. So if anyone has a suggestion on where I can get a cute pair for a pretty cheap price, leave it in my comment section. 

So today's look is great because it's denim on denim (which is obviously the best type of outfit there is). I know most people think that denim on denim can be overwhelming, but if you do two tone denim like I did here, you almost can't even tell that both are denim. Well, you can, but it breaks up the outfit enough so that it doesn't look too tacky or overdone. So when sticking with one color for a whole look, it can seem kind of boring, but this look gets its interest from distressing. There are some rips and distressing on the arms of this top and then the jeans have a raw hem, which I think adds enough interest without being too overwhelming. 

I'm also going to go on a small rant here about flare jeans. I never thought I would ever wear a pair of flare jeans again, but they're kind of a big thing right now and I am kind of digging it. They're super flattering because they fit snug through the hips and then are straight leg through the knee and then flare at the end. SO they make legs look very slim and very long. Which is honestly awesome because I'm just barely 5'5" so I feel short most of the time and any pants I wear that make me feel taller I love. 

To finish the look, I have on a pair of black platform mules. And I really think that these shoes make this look very 70s. I think the round sunglasses really also help add to this 70s theme. I'm all about the 70s because they had simple silhouettes that were very free and fun. And I love the whole boho vibe, which takes some cues from the 70s. 

Well, that's all for now. Let me know what you think about my look! Do you like denim on denim? Do you like the flares? What about looks inspired by the 70s? 



Jeans // Zara

Top // Zara (this is similar) 

Shoes // Rainbow (these are similar)

Sunglasses // Old Navy


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